Early Start on Gutsy Updates

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Tue Oct 16 20:45:50 BST 2007

The gutsy-proposed repository is available for uploads now.

Normal policy is to not upload to -proposed until a fix is in the development 
release, but that's not possible now.  As a substitute, you can ask motu-uvf 
for an ack to upload (one is enough).  This was agreed by myself, zul, and 
soren (all the motu-uvf available).

Limit this to serious problems (like FTBFS) that don't have a signficant 
downside risk.  

Once the Hardy repos open it's back to the normal rules.  MOTUs are 
responsible for pushing anything to Hardy that the push to gutsy-proposed.  
I'll take a snapshot of gutsy-proposed when the Hardy repos open to make sure 
nothing is missed.

Scott K

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