problem with stellarium

Gotthard Schaab gotthard.schaab at
Mon Oct 1 22:33:40 BST 2007


I´m using Ubuntu Feisty and via Synaptic I installed stellarium 0.8.2-3. 
When I start stellarium, the program stopps until loading datas (nebula 
textures etc.).

The following is the output in the terminal:

/Application locale is de_DE
Localizing TUI for locale: de_DE
Loading Solar System data...(loaded)
Loading location: "Paris", on Earth (landscape is: "guereins")
Loading Hipparcos star data...(118217 stars loaded [2200 dropped]).
Loading Hipparcos double stars...(8824 stars loaded)
Loading Hipparcos periodic variable stars...(1930 stars loaded)
Load star names from 
Loading NGC data... (13226 items loaded [3175 dropped]) position data for Barnard's galaxy position data for Papillon position data for γ Cas nebulaLoading NGC name data...( 225 names 
Loading Nebula Textures...(75 textures loaded)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)/

I tried the newest 0.9 version (the tar.gz) and did as in the wiki 
described. But the error ist the same.

Do you know what mistake it is?

Hello from Germany,


ich verwende ubuntu linux
   small and beautiful

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