Change in the Mentoring program

Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at
Sun Nov 25 02:05:04 GMT 2007

> People might be more inclined to volunteer if there was more visibility into 
> the progress this project is making?
I 100% agree, just dont have the numbers to make a solution to this.

> How many MOTUs have 'graduated' from it?
> How many people have been mentored?
cant speak to those numbers either but ...

> Of those, how many are considered by their mentors to be making good progress 
> towards becoming a MOTU?

Speaking about my current mentee ( isnt there a better word for this
group ? )  He is well on his way to become a full MOTU and I expect him
to send an application in just after the hardy release if everything
stays on the same course.

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at
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