RFC: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging (Was: Re: WANTED: Merging Recipe!)

Kjeldgaard Morten mok at bioxray.dk
Wed Nov 21 21:41:03 GMT 2007

> I've write a recipe (or kind of) some weeks ago, you can found it  
> on my
> blog [1] if you find it usefull just ping me and i'll be glad to  copy
> it to the wiki :D
> [1].- http://nvalcarcel.aureal.com.pe/?p=146

Very nice recipe, Nicolas! Thanks!

My question is how you found the LP bug #? I actually find the  
merging workflow extremely opaque and convoluted. And LP is still a  
mysterious maze to me. Probably the messiest webtool on the Internet.  
But the layout is pretty ;-)

I would find it logical that all packages that needed merging had a  
(needs-merge?) bug report but it is not possible (for me at least) to  
locate any.

-- Morten

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