StableReleaseUpdates: gtkpod-aac for Gutsy

John Dong jdong at
Wed Nov 21 17:31:27 GMT 2007

Hello everybody, since it seems like we are in SRU verification season,
I shall add in one too. Please help me test gtkpod-aac
(0.99.10-2ubuntu1.1) in gutsy-proposed once the binaries arrive.

This is a combination of two bugs in gtkpod-aac: not having AAC support,
and not being able to add new files to local repositories.

Testing instructions are clearly outlined in the bug report (only the
Streamlined Verification Procedures need to be performed, though
detailed information on both bugs and their fixes are included for the

You do not need an iPod or any special hardware to test.


John Dong
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