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On Nov 20, 2007 10:13 AM, Stefan Potyra <
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> hm... I have heard that a universe source package could generate binaries
> for
> both universe and multiverse, but I'm quite sure that it's not possible to
> have a multiverse source package generate a main binary. So that would
> probably mean that the patent encumbered source would (once ffmpeg moves
> to
> main) reside in main, not too sure if that's ok.

There are plenty of main source packages that can generate
universe/multiverse, but I believe you're right that it can't go the other
way around.
Well the thing is afaik that there are no source changes currently on the
medibuntu package.  It's soley a mangling of configure flags.

> >
> > In order to avoid confusion and the necessity of using
> Replaces/Conflicts,
> > a third virtual package binary that depends on either the free |
> non-free
> > variant can also be generated.
> Sorry I don't understand this right now. What would that virtual package
> solve?

This would allow all applications that depended upon ffmpeg to remain the
same and not need debian/control mangling.  When ffmpeg was requested, the
free variant would be installed by default.  If someone decided that they
needed items from the non free variant, it would conflict with the free one
but still satisfy ffmpeg (replacing the free one)


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