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Tue Nov 20 16:13:55 GMT 2007


Am Dienstag, 20. November 2007 16:51 schrieb Mario Limonciello:
> The other day John Dong and I were talking on IRC about the current
> situation with ffmpeg.  There are two versions of ffmpeg (and some related
> applications) out there: one on our archive and one on medibuntu.  The one
> on medibuntu is the same source package as the one in our archive but it is
> built with encoders.
> Personally I think its really unfortunate to have to do it this way.  It
> seems like the exact reason that we have an area like multiverse.  Several
> ffmpeg and lame based projects already live there.
> John had said he thinks the plan was to eventually move ffmpeg into main,
> so there wouldn't be much expectation to move it from universe to
> multiverse and just turn everything on.  To this I proposed that we would
> modify the source package for ffmpeg to generate binaries twice.  The free
> binaries could end up in universe or main whereas the non free would end up
> in multiverse.

hm... I have heard that a universe source package could generate binaries for 
both universe and multiverse, but I'm quite sure that it's not possible to 
have a multiverse source package generate a main binary. So that would 
probably mean that the patent encumbered source would (once ffmpeg moves to 
main) reside in main, not too sure if that's ok.

> In order to avoid confusion and the necessity of using Replaces/Conflicts,
> a third virtual package binary that depends on either the free | non-free
> variant can also be generated.

Sorry I don't understand this right now. What would that virtual package 

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