Package trouble: libpetsc2.3.2

Thomas Fischbacher tf at
Fri Nov 16 14:25:38 GMT 2007

Dear Developers,

we encounter problems with the libpetsc2.3.2 package.

When trying to install a package which uses libpetsc and was built on
a Debian etch system on Ubuntu, the binary linked against will not work on Ubuntu as the symbol "queue" is
used by Ubunbtu's libpetsc2.3.2 but not defined in the library.
Debian's libpetsc2.3.2 provides the "queue" symbol in the BSS

This is strange, as the Ubuntu petsc package seems to be derived
from Debian's. What is going on here?

best regards,
Dr. Thomas Fischbacher
t.fischbacher at

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