Long-standing bugs needing MOTU sponsorship (and the lack thereof)

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 13 02:07:08 GMT 2007

    In the last MOTU meeting it was discussed that older SRU bugs were
not getting sponsored as quickly as would be preferred, and there was
general agreement that bugs in queue for more than one week should be
announced to the mailing list seeking sponsorship.  Since then, Luca
Falavigna has joined the active sponsors team, and resolved all the
outstanding bugs eligible for such promotion.  Thank you Luca!

    If the problem resurfaces in the future, and patches are again
taking a long time to get sponsored, the sponsors team will use a bug
tag to indicate bugs that need sponsorship, but that none of the
current active sponsors feels comfortable sponsoring.  In the event of
such tag use, a search URL for these bugs will be posted to this
mailing list, with a request that knowledgeable parties investigate
and sponsor the associated patches.


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