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Stephen Sinclair wrote:
> Hello,
>> Getting new packages into Ubuntu is one of the most challenging ways to get
>> involved in MOTU and packaging (it's how I did it too).  You can also help
>> with fixing bugs in existing packages and merging updates from Debian.  These
>> are generally easier to do and give you good experience.  Additionally, some
>> reviewers are more inclined to review packages from people they know have
>> been more generally contributing to the community.
> I listen in on this list just to occasionally get these kinds of
> insights.  I find it odd, though, that MOTU is more interested in
> reviewing and accepting bug fixes than in new packages.  It seems to
> me that there are two kinds of packagers: 1) people wanting to
> generally improve the Ubuntu experience by fixing bugs and helping out
> any way they can, and 2) people who just want to get their software or
> software they enjoy using into the packaging system so that it's
> easier to manage and easier for other people to use.
> The whole MOTU mentoring system seems to me to be far more oriented
> towards case 1) than case 2), but please correct me if I'm wrong.

IMHO you are wrong. MOTUs weren't reviewing new packages because they weren't
going to be included in Ubuntu 7.10 by the time being, so they were focusing in
bug fixes until 7.10 was released, and 8.04 opened. Now that it's opened, REVU
days are going to happen again, to review those new packages and help
contributors to get them right.

It would look a bit useless to review packages when they won't be included, and
not fix bugs because you are wasting your time reviewing that.

But this is just my POV.

Have a nice day,

> thanks,
> Steve

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