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Fri Nov 2 13:46:13 GMT 2007

Hi Jeff!

On 11/2/07, Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey.ratcliffe at> wrote:

I've been trying to do some packaging and am a little frustrated by the
> process.
> When I decided to package v2 of tesseract
> (,
> REVU was down, so on the premise that a Debian developer is an Ubuntu
> developer, I uploaded to After six RFSs and
> various improvements to the package, I gave up, and have uploaded it
> to REVU (, now
> that it is back up.

You should upload to REVU

The order of the packages on REVU seems to be semi-random. I assume
> that as MOTUs are free to look at the packages as they see fit, the
> order in which they do so is also fairly random. It would be nice to
> see a queue of some sort.

Please ask MOTUs in #ubuntu-motu ( to review you package

I want to help

We really appreciate your help. Please stay up to the next REVU day,
according fridge (

This is a day, where developers will take their time to review packages and
patches on:

If you want your patch or package to get reviewed, it's a good time to ask
somebody to check it out!

Have a nice day!


- will
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