Universe HUG Day

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Tue May 29 15:21:31 BST 2007

Hello everybody,

we're having a Universe HUG Day again! How it's different from a normal
HUG Day?

      * Together we will look at Universe and Multiverse bugs
      * We will work on bugs linked from
      * We will try to identify bugs that are suited for new
        contributors. Using the new Launchpad Mentoring feature, tagging
        bugs as 'bitesize' and/or 'packaging' will help with that too.
        MOTU Mentors will use these bugs to give new contributors a
        chance to get acquainted with Ubuntu Development tools.

Join us in #ubuntu-bugs on June 2nd, all timezones, all the time.

Have a nice day,

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