SRU for xvid in Feisty

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Mon May 28 15:34:30 BST 2007


I've uploaded a diff for source package xvid in Feisty because of a 
packaging mistake 
(, and the 
new package has been uploaded in feisty-proposed on 02/05. After 3 
people reported it worked for them, I subscribed Ubuntu Stable Release 
Updates Team on 16/05.

Since then, many updates have been released for Feisty, but the new 
packages still aren't in the repositories.

I've followed the documentation for MOTU SRU thoroughly and have gone on 
irc many times to make sure everything was ok.

Can anyone point me to what I should do now?

 From the diff upload to now, it's been more than one month with no 
result. Considering that it's a regression fix, and that the relevant 
part of the diff is only 4 characters long (adding " i386" in 
debian/control), it's hard to find motivation fixing bugs when a whole 
month spent looking at the bug report, answering people's questions 
about why xvid is so slow in forums and voicing myself in irc 
(thankfully people there are quite nice :) ) has led to nothing.


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