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Sat May 26 23:06:16 BST 2007

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> Hi,
> Am Sat, 26 May 2007 11:14:03 -0700 (PDT)
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>> Good Afternoon All,
>> I am currently working on Bug #115565 where I am changing the default
>> index page to reflect Ubuntu and not the current Debian content on
>> there. I have changed most of the obvious needed changes (ie pointing
>> to Launchpad for bugs and not DBTS). But there is a questionable part
>> in the middle of the "About this page" section that I thought needed
>> to be discussed. Basically the current Debian version says, quote:
>> "This computer has installed the Debian GNU/Linux operating system,
>> but it has nothing to do with the Debian Project. Please do not
>> contact the Debian Project about it."
>> In order to change that I need to find the right balance of words to
>> let server administrators and lighttpd users know that yes we want
>> you to submit bugs on the lighttpd package, but to website visitors
>> that questionable content of a ubuntu hosted lighttpd webserver does
>> not necessarily reflect Ubuntu as a Project or Community.
> That's what the text in the debian package is telling us.
> They don't speak about the package itself, it just tells the website
> visitor, that this server has debian installed, but is not part of the
> Debian Project itself.
> So, replace Debian GNU/Linux with Ubuntu Linux or whatever is suitable
> but tell them, that this server is not part of the Ubuntu Project.

Yes, but the current way it is stated is not too Ubuntu-like (if we just
s/Debian/Ubuntu/g). I was wondering on a way we could reword it without it
sounding like the original message since any new ubuntu lighttpd-based
webserver is going to have this message on a default installation.

> Furthermore, the website visitor shouldn't file bugs against the
> lighttp package, but the administrator of the server who is setting up
> the package. And those people should know where to file bugs against.
> Regards,
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