Contributing to MOTU Efforts

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Fri May 25 23:38:10 BST 2007


    I have drafted a guide to contributing to MOTU efforts (1), and
would like to solicit review, editing and polish.  My goal is to
replace the current Getting Started (2) and Hopeful (3) pages
entirely, and otherwise support the documentation we have in place.
As a secondary goal, I'd also like to see a general migration from the
term "MOTU Hopeful" to "Universe Contributor" or "MOTU Contributor",
as I believe that will capture a greater portion of the Ubuntu
Community, and encourage more to help.  This secondary goal would
include migrating any useful content in the MOTU/Hopeful namespace
entirely into MOTU/Contributing, and replacing uses of Hopeful
throughout the wiki.


    Thank you.


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