Using DaD for merges

Adrien Cunin adri2000 at
Sun May 20 17:28:49 BST 2007

Here are some news about DaD. Major changes since my last email:
      * The 0ubuntuX-only bug is fixed: a debdiff Debian/Ubuntu is
        created. You will need the latest to be able to
        grab these packages correctly.
      * A warning is displayed on the web page if the Ubuntu changes
        debdiff is empty (ie. when the base package is not available on or when the orig.tar.gz are different, which
        causes debdiff to fail).
      * In some cases no conflicts were listed in REPORT whereas there
        were actually conflicts. This is fixed.
      * DaD now updates every hour.

Adrien Cunin aka Adri2000
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