New MOTU Mentoring proposal

Jonathan Carter jonathan at
Wed May 16 17:12:36 BST 2007

Hi Daniel

Daniel Holbach wrote:
> at UDS we had an interesting and fruitful session about MOTU Mentoring.
> Please take a look at where
> you find a write up of what we agreed on.
> Leave comments on the wiki page and please also leave a note if you're
> interested in mentoring. We'll get back to you.
> If you always wanted more members in your team, consider joining the
> Mentors, ubuntu-dev and ubuntu-core-dev team members alike. :-)

My goal is to become a MOTU member within the next six months. How does
this affect me, does the front desk exist already? What should I do in
the meantime until these processes are put in place?

thanks for all the great work!


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