New Name for Hopefuls?

Barry deFreese bddebian at
Wed May 16 16:16:30 BST 2007

Andy Price wrote:
> Hi folks
> I was reading the MOTU/NewMentoring wiki page (it's a great idea, BTW)
> and it occured to me that "Hopefuls" might not be the best term to use
> for new contributors.
> Is there scope for giving Hopefuls a stronger collective noun that they
> can be more proud of and identify themselves by in the context of the
> Ubuntu community? It's probably not a big issue but it might help from a
> community building point of view.
> What do you think of Ubuntu Apprentices?
> --
> Andy Price | welshbyte
I still like Padawan but it doesn't quite fit the He-Man mythos does it? :-)


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