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Tue May 1 23:12:36 BST 2007

On 01/05/07 20:18, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Andy Price <andy-price at> writes:

(Apologies for not CCing the list in my initial reply)

>> On 01/05/07 17:25, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>>> Thinking more about it: Perhaps we should cleanup even more. Is there
>>> somebody seriously interested in uploads older than, say 3 or 6 months?
>>> what do you think would would be a useful limit for us?
>> It occurs to me that REVU packages are sensitive to the release cycle
>> too, so packages that were uploaded targeted at feisty are outdated
>> anyway (correct me if I'm wrong, IANAMOTU :)).
> Sure. However, I don't think it is much work to just change the upload
> target as sponsor.

This is true, but maybe the onus should be on the uploader instead, if
only to make the life of a sponsor less complicated. Also in many cases
there are still outstanding problems with the package to resolve before
it is sponsored. Just a thought.

>> Assuming this is the case, at some point in the release cycle when old
>> packages on REVU are about to go out of date, could the uploaders be
>> notified along the lines of "Please update your package for <release+1>
>> and reupload or it will be automatically be removed from REVU on <date>"
>> and then once <date> rolls around, the packages could be removed.
> Mailing submitters in this case is indeed something we can do. If you
> want to help, feel free to submit a patch which does this.

I've had a brief look at the existing code and all the components seem
to be there to add a "batch mail maintainers of old packages" script so
I might have a stab at it when I'm less busy (end of June) unless
somebody else wants to add it before then :)

Andy Price | welshbyte

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