MOTU hopefull questions

Daniel T. Chen crimsun at
Tue Mar 27 16:57:41 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 17:15 +0200, Loïc Martin wrote:
> 1. How do syncs with Debian occurs? Is it just at the beginning of a 
> release cycle? Does this happens automatically, or must each package be 
> synced manually, and who can do so?

Roughly - when the new development branch opens, the autosync with
Debian Sid is enabled, and it runs continually until

After DebianImportFreeze, syncs need to be requested manually by
following the sync request process[1].

> For example, wacom-tools hasn't been synced with Debian for a while, 
> even though a few bugs would be solved by a new version.

wacom-tools is a main source package. We're way past upstream version
freeze (UVF) for main, so any fixes from newer versions need to be
backported to the current source package[2]. Subscribe the
ubuntu-main-sponsors Launchpad (LP) team when you've prepared a debdiff
attached to a bug report.

> How does one makes sure a package will be synced for Feisty+1 (I know 
> bug reports doesn't do it)? I don't mind doing the job, but I don't know 
> what to do for that. If a doc exists, I'll be happy to learn about it.

It won't be synced. See rationale above.

> If the package is in universe, can MOTU sync packages, and how?

The ubuntu-archive LP team actually cares for syncs. MOTU (ubuntu-dev LP
members) can acknowledge ("ACK") sync requests for universe.

> 2. I was under the impression that syncs keeps occurring till UVF. 
> However, some packages were updated in Debian before UVF (ex. package 
> qgo 1.5.3 on 05/01/07) but weren't synced : what could I do to address 
> this problem in the future (I didn't try packaging qgo this time because 
> I know the Debian packager is updating its packages really fast, and I 
> thought it would be ok)?

Syncs run automatically until DebianImportFreeze. After that, syncs must
be requested and processed manually as described above.

Sync requests for universe source packages after UVF must by approved by
the motu-uvf LP team.

> 3. What is the best time to submit a package in universe?

Anytime prior to Feature Freeze (FF).

> 4. How does one submit a higher version of a package that hasn't been 
> updated in Debian (especially when it appears the Debian maintainer has 
> disappeared.

Prepare a new source package, and post it to REVU if you're not MOTU. If
you are, it's still a good idea to get it checked by a fellow MOTU (or

> 5. Is it possible to submit in universe a higher version (or a patched 
> version) of a core package (thinking about wacom-tools for example) when 
> that package hasn't been updated for a while? (bug reports only work up 
> to a certain extent).

Please avoid duplicating source packages. The best route to resolving
the situation that you describe is to file a bug against the source
package using LP, then attach a debdiff against the current source

Daniel Chen


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