[easy task] register a straw product on launchpad

Janne Jokitalo janne.jokitalo at dnainternet.net
Fri Mar 23 10:59:16 GMT 2007

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Hi,

Hello Sebastian!

> I've just forwarded some of the straw bugs upstream, opening upstream
> tasks for them requires an associated product though, could somebody
> create one?

I took a peek at the link you provided underneath, and it seemed easy
enough, so I created the product.

> You can do it on https://launchpad.net/products/+new , the upstream bug
> tracker is the GNOME bugzilla

I just don't see a line or spot where I could report this in. Could someone
help me out a bit? I'm not yet a very experienced LP user. :)

> That's an easy way to contribute if you are looking for something useful
> to do ;)

Well, then, I'm just dumber than most, but then that's a given. :)



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