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Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Mon Mar 19 23:23:54 GMT 2007

Jordan Mantha <mantha at> writes:

> For a long time we've wanted to move away from using the wiki [0]   
> for new package requests. This is for many reasons, wiki pages like  
> this can get rather large (we have 450+ requests right now), doesn't  
> work well with our normal workflow (bugs on Launchpad were we can  
> comment, prioritize, close, etc.), and get easily overlooked by both  
> users and developers.

And in many cases, the packages get uploaded to debian, synced to ubuntu
the next cycle and the request doesn't get removed from the candidates
page. For this reason, I'd suggest that while triaging the bugs,
triagers and MOTUs check if a similar request has already been filed in
Debian. Debian uses the wnpp pseudopackage for this [1, 2]. If there is
an RFP or even an ITP bug, please link the launchpad bug to the debian
bug, so we get notified if or when the package enteres debian. In the
best case we can use the same bug for a sync request.


> After talking with Launchpad developers it was determined that they  
> best approach would be to simply file bugs against Ubuntu and tag  
> them with needs-packaging . My only concern with this approach was  
> that users had to know the tag before hand and properly add it. I  
> thought we would want to have 1 URL that would take them to the bug  
> filing page in LP *and* have the tag already there. The code for this  
> [1] has already been included in the Beta Launchpad. For people with  
> Launchpad Beta access you can test this out by going to [2] or [3].

Until the Beta gets public, I think we can ask the bug triagers team to
add the needs-packaging tag.

> So, do we want to start migrating off of Candidates? I think it'd be  
> an interesting project for Hopefuls and other people wanting to get  
> involved with MOTU to work on. Just go through the list and check to  
> make sure that the app is even distributable and isn't already in  
> Debian/Ubuntu, then move the contents to a bug report and tag with  
> needs-packaging .

I fully agree. And let's place a link at the top of the Candidates page
to this thread!

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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