MOTU Front page

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Mar 19 20:37:18 GMT 2007

I have gone ahead and switched the page to the one I had in the sandbox.

Things to note:

1) we should probably add the header to MOTU pages, especially the  
ones linking from MOTU/ . Including the header is as simple as adding  
[[Include(MOTUMenuHeader)]] to the top of a wiki page. Make sure to  
do this only on MOTU pages though.

2) The teams should be cleaned up. They are really in pretty bad shape.
   - If you own or belong to a team that is listed on the front page  
please make sure the team page is up to date. It's a good idea to at  
least have some basic contact info and a link to the corresponding LP  
team (create one if it doesn't exist). Even better if you can get a  
list of packages together that the team can  use to track bugs, etc.
   - If a team is listed that shouldn't be please followup on this  
   - If a team is active but not on the list please followup on this  

3) I added a MOTU News section. It's a bit of an experiment. I  
thought we could put things we, as MOTU, want everybody to know. Then  
we can pull from that as we make our MOTU Monthly Newsletter.

Any suggestions? is our public face and a  
significant recruiting tool. Let's try to make it as polished and  
useful as we can.


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