Link to "Contributing to Debian" From REVU?

Andrew Price andy at
Fri Mar 16 08:23:42 GMT 2007

On 16/03/07 06:27, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Good idea, but you'd have to see how many DD's were willing to
> participate in it, as they'd need to do the sponsoring.

Well it's nothing new really. Ubuntu has always encouraged contributions
back to Debian (as shown by that wiki page). My idea was just to put a
reminder and link to it on the REVU page to make revu-uploaders aware of
that option. I'm sure DD's might welcome packagers aiming for Debian
instead of missing Debian out (so to speak).

> People like white would probably be very interested, though.  And the
> revu-uploader would have to commit to maintaining the package for a very
> long time, as they dont have group maintainerships (in most cases).

That's true. The packager/developer would need to make that choice and
I'm sure they'd appreciate the range of options available to them as a
whole. I don't mind if they upload to Ubuntu or Debian, it all makes
Ubuntu better in the end :)

Out of curiosity, do we know if new revu-uploaders tend to stick around
and help out MOTU or do they mostly upload and leave it to MOTU to
handle their packages once they've been accepted? Not that I'd mind if
they did, but I'd like to see more of them sticking around if that's the
case. I guess that would come under Jono's Improving The MOTU Community

Apologies for babbling on a bit in this thread. I tend to brainstorm a
lot :)

Andy Price | welshbyte

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