Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Thu Mar 15 08:27:42 GMT 2007

U Sri, 14. 03. 2007., u 14:32 -0700, Kees Cook je napisao/la:

> Doing full-version upgrades will require more testing (e.g. did the 
> library or unix-socket interfaces change?) before it gets published.  
> What's needed to get us to "3" is someone to update the package, file an 
> SRU, and then follow it through the SRU testing process.  I'm happy to 
> help test (I use clamav myself), but I don't have the time to drive the 
> process at the moment.  Would you be willing to help out with the SRUs?

Or we could use Debian archive and re-build clamav:

deb sarge/volatile main

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