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Wed Mar 14 11:48:11 GMT 2007


Am Freitag, den 09.03.2007, 10:54 +0000 schrieb Jono Bacon:
>  * The MOTU Wiki pages - Looking at it is
> just too difficult to figure out where to start - it is a mess of
> informaton

Valid point. Maybe we should set that as a point on the agenda for the
next MOTU meeting, so we find some people who are willing to update the
wiki according to that.

>  * Define a Roadmap - You may have done this already, but the team needs
> to have a consistent set of doable goals that can be approached.

We should probably have our own MOTU/ReleaseSchedule page, where we
indicate and list the things we really want to get done and where we
need help with.

>  * Create regular events

Things I can think of:
      * QA sessions
      * MOTU School sessions - even if we repeat ourselves, also look at
      * Universe HUG DAYs
      * REVU days

Let's find a pattern, like Monday = REVU day, etc and make that happen
for Feisty+1 release.

>  * Blog, blog, blog! 

Right. :-)

> Firstly, make sure it is in the Fridge events calendar.

Definitely. We should remember to mail fridge-devel@ with every announce
we do.

Have a nice day,

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