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Andrew Price andy at andrewprice.me.uk
Wed Mar 14 09:35:01 GMT 2007

On 09/03/07 17:06, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> We have quite some fodder for MOTU hopefuls now:
>       * Bugs marked as 'packaging': http://tinyurl.com/368977
>       * Bugs marked as 'bitesize': http://tinyurl.com/2us2se
> Some other observations:
>       * there are lots of irrelevant and obsolete bugs: if we all spend
>         an hour on bugs sorting the Universe/Multiverse list by "oldest
>         first", we will be able to clean up a lot of them.
>       * I added an 'upgrade' tag - lots of bugs request a new upstream
>         version of a package, some are already fixed and some need to
>         get reviewed/rejected/postponed.
>       * lots of easy bugs, lots of things we should forward to the
>         upstream authors.

The above links are really helpful for finding bugs to work on. In the
spirit of the whole "Improving the MOTU community" effort, I have a
couple of bug-related observations/questions that might be useful (from
my newbie perspective):

Firstly I found that some bugs seem to need some kind of "higher"
decisions (I probably mean "experienced" decisions) to be made about how
they are fixed, or what direction to take with them. In these cases is
it appropriate to subscribe MOTU to the bug? If so, what email address
or group should be subscribed? Should all universe bugs that only have
ubuntu-bugs and the OP subscribed have MOTU subscribed to them? (I
couldn't find this info on the wiki)

Secondly, I'm guessing this info about triaging universe bugs is being
passed on to the Ubuntu bugsquad/bugs helpers? My thinking is that they
do most of the bug triaging work and then MOTU/MOTU-helpers would pick
it up from there so the info would be better off getting spread further
than MOTU.

Thirdly, is the MOTU mailing list just for MOTU discussions or can
anyone interested in helping out with universe join in the discussion
here? If not, I apologise, and maybe there should be a more general
ubuntu-universe at lists.ubuntu.com :) If so, awesome, I'm in the right place.

I hope you find my insights useful

Andy Price
IRC: welshbyte

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