call for votes: KDE4 uploads to universe

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Tue Mar 13 23:20:11 GMT 2007

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I hope i'm not going to start too much trouble here, with this, but...

I think you've all clearly stated your opinions, both via here, the MOTU
council, and in blogs, so why is this still going on?

It's clear that you wont accept it, no matter what the people who run
kubuntu and decide on where kubuntu goes say, and no matter how much you
do or do not know about it (eg, that this will not replace .kde/
settings, it's in .kde4 instead).

This is the reason the kubuntu council exists - for kubuntu memberships,
and for figuring out how best to work with the situation with regards to
kubuntu, where it wont break anything else.

The MOTU is not expected to know how KDE, or XFCE, or even gnome works -
it's desktop agnostic, and that's the way it should be.  So, why is it
making decisions on kde4 packages anyway, which is an approved spec?


Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Hi Reinhard,
> On Tuesday 13 March 2007 16:53:29 Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> Btw, is there a public vote running for this, or is the subject just
>> misleading?
> sorry, subject is a little bit misleading. The call for votes is for MOTU 
> Council, see [1].
> Cheers,
>   Stefan.
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> [1]:
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