gstreamer-ffmpeg package - incorrect description

Jakub Misak jmisak at
Fri Mar 9 22:04:47 GMT 2007

Firstly, sorry I'm not replying directly to the thread, I was not subscribed 
to the list...

> Actually, FFmpeg can also decode "DivX 3.11 ;-)" videos that have been
> encoded by a hacked version of Microsoft pre-standard MPEG4 codec, which
> is _not_ (100% identical to) "MPEG-4 ASP video".  This codec and its
> "nickname" predate the commercial DivX company/trademark/codec.

As you may notice, DivX ;-) is not DivX. Just like DivX is not DIVX:

1. DivX ;-) was a name of a hack of the MS MPEG-4 v3 codec. What FFmeg can 
also decode is therefore MS MPEG-4 v3 video.

2. DIVX was a name of the failed DVD rental system.

3. DivX is a brand name of products of a company of the same name. It is their 
trademark. You are right - "DivX ;-)" and "DIVX" cannot be their trademarks. 
But DivX is:

"The DivX and Stage6 brand names and logos are owned solely by DivX, Inc. and 
their use is limited to DivX and its licensed partners."

Products made by the DivX company have the DivX brand name. Anyhing else than 
DivX is not and cannot be called DivX.

Again, I strongly recommend reading the Wikipedia article, it's all explained 

> What you mean by "the MP4 container format" is based on QuickTime (a
> subset of it is the MPEG-4 standard's container format IIRC). 

I know very well what I mean by that. MP4 is the standard MPEG-4 container 
specified in MPEG-4 Part 14.

> AVI is not a standardised container format for MPEG-4 and in fact, Microsoft

While this is all true (I never said AVI was a standard container for MPEG-4 
ASP video, but it is very widely used for storing MPEG-4 ASP video anyway), 
this is completely irrelevant to the point I'm making - the package 
description is simply wrong. FFmpeg or the FFmpeg plugin cannot encode and 
decode DivX because:

1. DivX is not a format of a video stream (the thing codecs encode and decode)

2. FFmpeg does not support DivX

3. DivX is a brand name of irrelevant commercial software products

4. Software product and format are two different things

So I ask you to remove the wrong description, because it's simply wrong.

Jakub Misak

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