Test Rebuilds

James Troup james.troup at canonical.com
Thu Mar 8 14:36:00 GMT 2007

Matt Zimmerman <mdz at ubuntu.com> writes:

>> In yesterday's MOTU meeting the question came up if there are lists of
>> packages that failed to build. It'd be nice to have those lists and
>> point to them from http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO - some might even be
>> easy to fix for some MOTU hopefuls.

The test rebuilds are currently limited to main only because it takes
a week or so just to do main.

This is an artifact of the fact that we don't currently do the test
rebuilds (or *-security) in Soyuz and as a result we can only dedicate
1/3 of our available buildds to these tasks.  Once Soyuz can handle
security, rebuilds and has better build prioritization we can use all
our buildds resources for the rebuilds and doing the whole archive
will become possible again.


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