Policy decisions / relationship between MC and MOTU Meeting

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 8 11:33:43 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

On Mi, 2007-03-07 at 20:05 +0100, Stefan Potyra wrote:
> First of all we should make sure to make MC 
> stuff transparent, thus I'm raising this issue on the ubuntu-motu mailing 
> list.


Maybe I was not clear enough in yesterday's mail. 

I'm very happy we made that specific decision and I'm happy that members
of the MOTU team take on responsibility. I'm also all for speeding up
processes and not blocking on decision being made somewhere.

Although I completely agree with the SRU decision and fully support it,
I felt that we need to be a bit more cautious about policy decisions in
      * When we discussed how MOTU and MC meetings differ, we mentioned
        policy decisions as a first item. 
      * Also Daniel made his proposal and everybody started voting.
        While it is good to have feedback on who's supporting the idea
        and who's not, it wasn't quite clear who was in charge of making
        the decision in the end.
      * It doesn't help transparency if the outcome of a meeting is
        "Three members of the MC were on IRC, so we decided that ...".

I don't expect us to make policy decisions in every meeting, so maybe
this is just a minor point, though I do believe we should have a
straight process for that, so people know who to address or who to
involve in discussions for changes to be made. 

If you think, MOTU and MC meetings shouldn't differ at all, we should
make it a MOTU* meeting every 1,5 weeks and assure we have MC quorum
there in case a policy discussion needs a decision.

I hope I didn't tread on anyone's toes - I personally find it exciting
to find the MC's place in the MOTU world. :-)

Have a nice day,

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