motu-sru decision

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Mar 7 17:37:49 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

in yesterday's MOTU meeting we decided the following changes to our
current MOTU SRU workflow:

In a nutshell: 
     1. Remove the pre-upload-to-proposed ACK requirement (make
        -proposed open to ubuntu-dev without motu-sru approval).  
     2. The sponsoring ubuntu-dev member is responsible for gathering
        testing with 2 ACKs, which must be documented on the LP bug and
        in the final -updates changelog.
     3. The minimum aging period of 7 days in -proposed remains.
     4. motu-sru goes away.

The change was agreed on by the people attending the meeting and 4 of
the 5 MOTU Council members for the following reasons:

      * speed up the process by not waiting for five testers
      * require the sponsor to test and verify the update too
      * transfer some responsibility to the MOTU sponsoring the upload,
        thus broaden the team of people who can 'approve the proposed'

The complete text:
The change:

Have a nice day,

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