MOTU Meeting minutes, March 6th 2007

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Tue Mar 6 22:26:06 GMT 2007

MOTU Meeting, Mar 6th 2007

== SRU Policy evaluation. How can we make it more efficient and worthwhile? ==
Since many universe proposed SRU packages are stuck in the testing phase, we 
discussed how to improve the situation.
Ideas to solve it included:
  * Just have motu-sru ack then upload to -updates
  * Go back to old policy where SRU didn't need approvals, just MOTU uploads. 
Perhaps still using -proposed for higher risk or high profile updates.
  * Form testing team to get testing done faster. The current bottleneck seems 
to be mostly in getting testing.

An early consent was to make the process more lightweight.
In the following discussion, we agreed unanimously on the following 
suggestions from crimsun:

  1) Remove the pre-upload-to-proposed ACK requirement (make -proposed open to 
ubuntu-dev without motu-sru approval).  
  2) The sponsoring ubuntu-dev member is responsible for gathering testing 
with 2 ACKs, which must be documented on the LP bug and in the final -updates 
  3) The minimum aging period of 7 days in -proposed remains.  
  4) motu-sru goes away.

dholbach will take care of announcing it and updating the according wiki 

== jono asks: "From asking around, it seems the project needs help with (a) 
outreach and getting new people involved (b) getting people excited about 
MOTU and (c) defining some direction for the project. Is this a fair 
assessment?" ==

Since Jono wasn't around we gathered some ideas how to gather more people 
interested in development:
  * motu-school sessions
  * activity on the mailing list
  * finding a place to start working
  * more patting on the back
  * spreading curiosity to the people / * why should I work on Ubuntu, and 
what are the benefits for me and my daily life
  * better structured documentation
  * Could the packaging guide possibly be improved?
  * monthly summary of all policy changes + todo list on the mailing list?
  * more scheduled QA sessions

== updating TODO lists ==
  * php4 getting dropped:
  * ajmitch will do a mass bug filing of packages with unmet dependencies
  * dholbach will announce another Universe HUG day, commencing on Friday.
  * dholbach will also find out about rebuild tests
If anyone finds another item for the TODO-list, please add it right there.

== what to do with known broken packages which we cannot fix? ==
One possibility siretart mentioned was to remove the binary packages in 
question close to release.
Mithrandir stated that he'll discuss this with the archive team and report 

== next meeting ==
The next MOTU meeting will commence on Tue, 23rd March, 8.00 UTC.
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