Marek Slama Marek.Slama at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 28 17:46:54 BST 2007

Tom Marble wrote:
> Daniel Holbach wrote:
>> I'm still not quite sure that a stable release update is the right thing
>> to do. The diff is huge (compared to the version in feisty) and not
>> remotely eyeball-able. I think that
>> might make more sense.
>> I CC the ubuntu-motu@ list, to get more opinions on this one.
>> If you still want to try to make it through the SRU process, I can
>> answer your questions.
> The reason an SRU may still make sense here is that currently the
> version in feisty (0.59):
> Is the one which requires the user to manually download the NetBeans
> tarball first.  This significantly diminishes the end user experience
> of installation.
> Regards,
> --Tom
No strong opinion on this so far.

I will sum differences between 5.5-0.59 (currently in Feisty) and 
current 5.5.1-2 in gutsy:

1. License is updated so that package can be installed directly without 
manual step. It is main
reason why we want to get this update back to Feisty.

2. We updated upstream from NetBeans 5.5 to NetBeans 5.5.1.

3. Minor fix - patch for netbeans.conf to point to Sun JDK.

We would like to get all 3 changes to Feisty. Daniel please let us now 
if we should go through SRU or Backport process.

(Minimalistic version is to update only license.)



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