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Thu Jun 28 00:55:00 BST 2007

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Date: Sat,  9 Jun 2007 06:29:25 +0200
Source: nautilus-wallpaper
Binary: nautilus-wallpaper
Architecture: source
Version: 0.1-0ubuntu1
Distribution: gutsy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU <ubuntu-motu at>
Changed-By: Cyrille Grosdemange <ze.cyrilou at>
 nautilus-wallpaper - Nautilus extension. Add a "set as wallpaper" entry in 
context men
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 107901
 nautilus-wallpaper (0.1-0ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
   * Initial release (LP: #107901)
 5357ef2e582405ba34f99c8881f62691 733 gnome optional 
 e47350626509c85dd9339d0b98900dd6 308427 gnome optional 
 c6323ba4f28fbb35eda40441f88c1d48 1722 gnome optional 
Original-Maintainer: Cyrille Grosdemange <ze.cyrilou at>

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