xinetd as a inetd replacement

Kjeldgaard Morten mok at
Mon Jun 25 09:47:19 BST 2007

Emmet Hikory wrote:

>     The xinetd license is GPL-incompatible, and the current
> distributed version may not be in compliance (I'm not an expert, but I
> believe there are patches in place without accompanying documentation
> in COPYING).  While the featureset is great, this may not be the best
> basis for a default component.

I am puzzled. Xinetd is listed on the FSF directory page (http:// with explicit  
information that the license is a "3-clause-BSD-style license" which  
is said to be compatible with GPL. The page doesn't mention the  
patches, though. However, software listed as Free Software on FSF's  
webpages ought to be OK for Ubuntu, don't you think?

-- Morten

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