Debian/rules wiki is now inside official Ubuntu packaging guide!

Andrea Veri bluekuja at
Fri Jun 22 19:10:19 BST 2007

hello MOTUs!
I'm glad to announce that debian/rules wiki 
( is now inside the official 
ubuntu packaging guide!
everything can be found at that contains a 
lot of usefull informations regarding debian/rules file with a great 
number of hints for the work on makefiles in general. I hope it will 
help new packagers to understand what they are doing when they touch one 
of the most important scripts inside the maintainer folder. I'm alwais 
ready to add more content to that chapter and every suggestion or new 
idea will be really appreciated!
A great thanks to Jordan Mantha for the inclusion of this document 

Andrea Veri
Email: bluekuja at
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