Input for MOTU Meeting on Clamav

Leonel Nunez leonel at
Tue Jun 19 16:48:05 BST 2007

> I've decided to try and pick this thread back up.
> From the last MOTU meeting I was at, there was some discussion about
> looking
> into the API differences between clamav 0.8x (libclamav1) and 0.9x
> (libclamav2).  I'm hopelessly unqualified for that job.  Who volunteers?


> The more I think about this, I think the alternative source package
> (clamav-alt) proposal isn't the right answer.  I think this is going to
> (in
> the end) need an alternative repository for clamav and it's rdepends.
> I'd like to discuss this idea.
> We'd create a project (similar to the regular backports projects) for
> clamav
> backports.  It would hold the latest clamav (with necessary source package
> modifications to go back to all supported releases) and whatever rdepends
> volunteers are willing to contribute.  I'd commit to maintaining the
> clamav
> package, clamsmtp, and probably klamav.
> Would this approach work?
> What approvals would we need to get this established?
> Any better ideas?
> Scott K

Clamav  it's an important  package and  I think it need to be the latest
possible  for  any ubuntu release

I think  the alternate repository can work  using  not clamav-alt  but
clamav-feisty-latest  clamav-edgy-latest clamav-dapper-latest
or just  keep the latest for the current LTS and current Version as this
day  Feisty.

or let's name   latest-universe

There's PostgreSQL, in feisty we can have  postgresql8.2 and 8.2  in
dapper  7.4 and 8.1

using this approach  I think there are other packages that need to be the
latest not only for  clamav


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