openmpi-dev bug

Benry benry at
Mon Jun 18 15:37:07 BST 2007

this package:

Architecture: i386
Source: openmpi
Version: 1.1-2.3
Depends: openmpi-libs0 (= 1.1-2.3)
Conflicts: libopal-dev, pgapack
Filename: pool/universe/o/openmpi/openmpi-dev_1.1-2.3_i386.deb

has a little bug:

It store all the includes files in /usr/include/openmpi/

but inside /usr/include/mpi.h the 1757 line is:
#include "ompi/mpi/cxx/mpicxx.h"
so it looks inside /usr/include/ for the ompi/ directory that is not 
there, but is inside /usr/include/openmpi/

So when you try to compile a c++ file including mpi.h it ends up with a 
"no such file..." error.

I solved the problem for me with some symbolic links.
To change the 1757 line of /usr/include/mpi.h is not enought.

I hope this to be the right place to post bug reports like this and I 
hope to be useful to you too.

Thanks for your work!


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