SRU for xvid in feisty

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Fri Jun 15 10:05:31 BST 2007

Thanks a lot.

In fact, even though I had updates checked in Synaptic/Repositories and 
universe/multiverse enabled as well, I noticed my /etc/apt/sources.list 
only had main in feisty-updates. I had to uncheck them, then check them 

I'm sorry I didn't check that before - since I was still seeing updates 
(many updates a week actually) I assumed it was fine. They might have 
come only from security.

OTOH, I had that problem on 2 computers, both installed from the same 
Feisty official release CD. I really don't know what happened.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble,

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