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Sun Jul 29 11:57:02 BST 2007

My name is Andria Karaolia and i am a postgraduate student at
Lancaster University. I am doing the MSc in Information Technology,
Management and Organisational Change.

Currently i am doing my dissertation with title: Online Communities of
Practice: "The role of narratives in knowledge sharing". This
dissertation aims to study different online communities such as Ubuntu
community and examine whether or not such online communities present
opportunities for knowledge sharing. To do this i need to examine how
individuals become members/developers and mentors of Ubuntu community, how
contribute to development and how development issues are solved.

I have already found some information on Ubuntu site but i would like
to gain further insight to the community's processes. I was wondering if you
could kindly participate. I know
your time is limited however i would appreciate it if you could take
some time to answer these 6 questions i have attached at the end of this

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Andria Karaolia
Lancaster University

Solving development issues:

1. Can you recall of a critical issue faced during development and how this
has been solved?

For answering the following questions consider the issue you have recalled
in question 5.
If you didn't recall of any specific issue please answer the following
questions based on general issues and your experience so far.

2. Do you consider that previous experience on similar issues was important
for solving this problem?

3. Do you use narratives/stories for describing problems/bugs?

4. How important is to describe the bug/problem as a brief technical story
and how this assists to its solution?

5. Do you believe that through problem solving developers of Ubuntu share
knowledge? In particular, do you feel that through your interaction with
other members and developers of the community you gain knowledge critical
for solving problems and developing software?

6. How important do you consider knowledge sharing to be for developing
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