raid45 working on Feisty ?

Scott Henson sjh at
Sat Jul 28 22:36:34 BST 2007

Larry Wilson wrote:
> I have been trying to get dmraid to work on Feisty for a nvidia nforce
> mainboard with a raid 5 array configured (not boot). I have read through
> the bug report 97655 which appears to need kernel 2.6.22 to work, so
> looks like I need to install this kernel on Feisty (a backport I guess).
> So how do I update Feisty to a 2.6.22 kernel? 
> And patch this with the Heinz Mauelshagen dm-raid45 patch?
> Any help please ASAP.

I don't believe this is the right list for this type of question.  You
might get more help on ubuntu-users.

As for your question, I haven't done this in forever, but I recently
guided a friend in the right direction, so I'll try and point you the
same way.  There is a package called kernel-package.  This contains a
program named make-kpkg.  It will build debs from the kernel source in a
quick fashion.  You can use upstream kernel source or Ubuntu kernel
source.  I would go with Ubuntu's.  You can find it on  You will need the *.tar.gz, the *.dsc, and
possibly a diff.gz.  You should use dpkg-source on the dsc file to
extract everything.  The create your config and build your kernel with
make-kpkg.  You should then have a deb you can install.

Of course the above instructions are incomplete and fraught with
problems, so only do it if your willing to read the documentation.  If
you can live without hardware raid5, I would.  I have been very happy
with software raid5 under linux and never really had a problem with it.
 You may want to look in that direction.

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