Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Wed Jul 25 02:46:19 BST 2007

Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> Bitlbee will not work w/o having netkit-inetd installed. Before I repackage it 
> with it has a suggest/recommends/depends, I wanted to get second opinions 
> first. Bitlbee will build and install, but it will not work because it will 
> not connect to port 6667 or any other port for that matter. When Bitlbee 
> installs, it runs update-inetd, and since inetd isn't installed, it doesn't 
> do anything.
Do you mean xinetd?

I found that which prompted me to put together this:

if you can put together a better package I'm sure there are a lot of
people that would really appreciate it.  Let me know if I can help test,


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