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Andy Price andy-price at
Mon Jul 23 16:18:49 BST 2007

sharon urban wrote:
> Hi all,
Hi Sharon,

> I'm a new Ubuntu user, just recently migrated from Windows. I'm an
> experienced programmer in the field of .net, etc, and would like
> to gain Ubuntu/Linux related abilities. For starter, I thought it would
> be nice to extend Ubuntu's power management options so that it could
> resume from suspend mode by hitting any key and without providing
> password. I would also like to help migrating Ubuntu to the TC1100
> tablet pc. I would be glad if someone helped my get started.

Firstly, welcome to Ubuntu :) I don't have much knowledge of suspend and
resume myself, but I might be able to point you in the right direction
to get started with Ubuntu development.

The standard answer is to take a look at this page: - there seems a lot to read
but it's all quite interesting, I assure you. That page is broken into
sections according to your intentions so you can skip straight to the
development sections if marketing or docs etc aren't your thing. You'd
probably find sections 7 and above helpful.

If you need further guidance there are plenty of IRC channels and
mailing lists to ask questions in. The motu-mentors list and
#ubuntu-motu channel are good places for new (development) contributors
to find their feet. Works for me anyway :)

I hope this has been helpful, sorry I don't know much about your suspend
and resume problem. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them.


Andy Price

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