usplash help please!

Kevin Long kevinl at
Fri Jul 20 20:42:14 BST 2007

Hello Motu folks, This is my first post. Im hoping to find some help
regarding usplash.

My end goal is this: To have a working usplash, based directly upon
usplash-theme-ubuntu, running on a debian-live (etch) system.

I have had various levels of success with different usplash versions, but
there is always something wrong, the screen displaying in black and white
with no progress bar, /dev/fb0 not being found, unresolved symbols, a
bunch of issues that are difficult to explain the exact root cause because
I have done so many different configurations and experimentation trying to
get this thing to work.

Without any editing of the PNG files whatsoever, I cant even get usplash
and usplash-theme-ubuntu to correctly work after compilation, even on
Ubuntu. I just reformmated my laptop with ubuntu again and I am going to
give it one more shot. Its possible that if I can get it to install and
work correctly on my laptop, I might be able to simply base my live system
off of the kernel and initramfs that comes with ubuntu instead of etch's
2.6.18 kernel and debian-live initrd.

If YOU were going to edit the PNG files for usplash-theme-ubuntu and
compile usplash with your custom theme on Etch, how would you go about it
so that it works just as well as Ubuntu's bootsplash?

Thank you!!!
Kevin Long

Kevin Long
SafeDesk Solutions Inc.

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Cell: 509-217-3658

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