Merges - Pinging Previous Uploaders

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sat Jul 14 04:09:11 BST 2007

On Friday 13 July 2007 22:47, Andy Price wrote:
> Hi folks,
> At the MOTU meeting today it was mentioned that we look into the merges
> process. I'm specifically looking into how best to streamline the part
> of the process where mergers "ping" the previous uploaders to check it's
> OK to merge the package. The clear problem case here is when the
> previous uploader is incommunicado for a while which makes the merger
> block until they are present, or maybe the merge is uploaded by a
> different MOTU and the previous uploader returns and is too late to say
> "No! Don't upload that!".

Right.  That's not the problem we've had though.  The problem we've had is 
people doing merges right away without bothering to check at all.  I've also 
personally experienced significant pushback when I questioned them doing 
that.  I disagree that's the clear problem case.  The clear problem case is 
people not respecting other people's merges.

> One solution would be for those who prefer to take care of specific
> packages themselves to flag those packages as "Do Not Touch" in a
> comment on DaD or in a bug report. This would help others to choose
> merges to work on without worrying about stepping on toes.

I think this puts the cart before the horse.

1.  Not everyone does or will use DaD for a variety of sufficient (for them) 
reasons.  I don't think comments can be a required part of the process until 
MoM/DaD get back together again.

> The previous uploader would then be subscribed to the merger's merge bug
> when it is opened. The previous uploader would then have until a good
> merge debdiff is attached to the report and u-u-s subscribed (plus an
> agreed period of time, perhaps?) to veto or control the merge before a
> u-u-s member could ACK it.

Why can't they just ask?

> Does this sound sane? Or maybe it'd just convolute the process? I look
> forward to reading your views.

Unless there is some kind of emergency (e.g. StevenK's heroic efforts during 
the recent libcurl transition fiasco) there's no reason someone who wants to 
do a merge can't send an e-mail and ping someone on IRC.  There is enough 
good work to be done in Ubuntu that I can't imagine this being a roadblock 
(hint: plan ahead folks).

I'd suggest people don't touch other people's merges without asking unless 
there is an emergency.  As it gets near freeze time, if MoM and DaD haven't 
moved back into the same house, maybe a wiki page list of merges one 
shouldn't do.

The people who've merged a package before know it best and should have first 
shot at it.  It may not be "fair" to new people who have to ask, but it's the 
process that will produce the highest quality merges.

Sorry I missed this part of the meeting.

Scott K

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