Preparing the way for emacs22 with many individual package updates

Romain Francoise rfrancoise at
Wed Jul 4 18:51:55 BST 2007

Hey Reinhard, MOTUs,

Thanks for including me in the discussion, I appreciate it.

Reinhard Tartler <siretart at> writes:

> I'm not sure what Romain's plans are for emacs-snapshot, but this
> sounds reasonable.

The plan for emacs-snapshot is to continue to follow the Emacs 22
release branch until the 22.2 release, then switch back to the trunk
to benefit from the emacs-unicode and/or emacs-multi-tty merge(s).

The current version of emacs-snapshot (20070701) is much closer to
Emacs 22.2 than 22.1 (the version Michael is working on) so if you
sync it into Gutsy there will be little duplication, both packages
will be useful.  22.2 includes the following new features: a CSS
mode, a Vera mode, better horizontal and vertical scrolling of
images, and new defaults for file and directory deletion in Dired.

If it helps, I'll note that I reviewed Michael's emacs22 package and
I think it's ready for inclusion (but I'm not familiar with Ubuntu's
processes in this area).


 : :' :        Romain Francoise <rfrancoise at>
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