Preparing the way for emacs22 with many individual package updates

Michael Olson mwolson at
Wed Jul 4 16:06:42 BST 2007

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Reinhard Tartler <siretart at> writes:

> Michael Olson <mwolson at> writes:
>> I am working on my own emacs22 package, which is based heavily on
>> Romain's emacs-snapshot package.
> Ah, cool! I noticed and already joined the lp group you created:
> Do you intend to host your packaging branch there? What is that group
> for?

I haven't decided what to do with that group yet.  I wanted a point of
presence for maintainers of Emacs Lisp packages, mainly.  Suggestions
for how to make good use of that group are welcome.  :^)

For now, I'm managing the emacs22 ./debian directory with git.  If it
would help group-maintenance efforts, I could create a bzr branch and
host in on launchpad (I've never created a branch there before, so I'd
have to look up how to do it).  I have some bzr experience, so I could
work with it.

Current instructions for getting the ./debian directory are:

git clone

> I've just had a very brief look at the source package, and tried to
> compare it to Romains package. The differences seem to be considerable.

Hmm.  The changes were mostly s/emacs-snapshot/emacs22/ and
s/Debian/Ubuntu/, with some snapshot-specific rules dropped or changed.
If there are other changes that need to be made, let me know.

> What is your plan about your emacs22 package? Do you intend to have it
> in gutsy? With whom do you work together to bring that work in ubuntu?

I want very much to get it into gutsy.  I've emailed the last uploader
of emacs21 about it on Monday, but haven't heard back yet.  Any
assistance on how to accomplish this would be welcome.

>>> The problem I see with debian's package is that is strips of
>>> documentation in another source package, something that we don't need
>>> nor want in ubuntu (well, we could make our lives easy and just hard
>>> depend on the documentation, but let's not go crazy here..)
>> I completely agree.  The very reason I am pushing for my emacs22 package
>> (or, if some other Ubuntu core developer wants to maintain it instead,
>> their package) rather than Debian's is because I do not want to see the
>> documentation and GNU Manifesto stripped out into a separate "nondfsg"
>> package.
> I'd be willing to help out with maintaining, however, my emacs-lisp
> knowledge is very limited. I'm using emacs22 a lot, however.

Excellent!  I maintain several upstream emacs-lisp packages, so this
might work out well.

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