REVU: wulfware_2.6.0-0ubuntu1_source.changes is NEW

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Aug 29 21:48:22 BST 2007

>NEW: wulfware_2.6.0.orig.tar.gz
>NEW: wulfware_2.6.0-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
>NEW: wulfware_2.6.0-0ubuntu1.dsc
>Format: 1.7
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 15:39:01 +0000
>Source: wulfware
>Binary: wulf2html wulfstat wulflogger xmlsysd libwulf-dev libwulf2
>Architecture: source
>Version: 2.6.0-0ubuntu1
>Distribution: gutsy
>Urgency: low
>Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
>Changed-By: Morten Kjeldgaard <mok at>
> libwulf-dev - development environment for wulfware
> libwulf2   - shared libraries for running wulfware programs
> wulf2html  - filter for generating HTML logs from wulflogger data
> wulflogger - extract cluster node data from remote xmlsysd daemons
> wulfstat   - curses based wulfware for monitoring cluster nodes
> xmlsysd    - wulfware daemon to extract data from cluster nodes
> wulfware (2.6.0-0ubuntu1) gutsy; urgency=low
> .
>   * Initial release.
>   * Authored new autotools build system that I have sent upstream.  This
>     takes care of a whole bunch of problems I had with the package before.
>     I expect upstream will incorporate the patches, but he has not yet had
>     time to release a new version.
>   * Another set of patches to the code is related to platform 
>   * The system for running wulf2html has been modified. A number of
>     monitoring daemons are started by /etc/init.d/wulf2html, and these
>     generate web pages in /var/www/html at regular time intervals. The
>     behaviour of the script can be modified by editing
>     /etc/defaults/wulf2html.
> 0b5f49cc4a140f3868280e5b212d8241 764 utils optional
> fef01b83dba8017f15f9d4452794a734 469000 utils optional
> e1d0a4cc4255eccb37eacb65666f506e 17563 utils optional
>Original-Maintainer: Morten Kjeldgaard <mok at>

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