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Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Sat Aug 18 09:34:06 BST 2007

Hi Neil,

Neil Wilson wrote:
> Sorry Scott, but we're going to have to disagree on that point.
> Fundamentally ubuntu development is based around launchpad, and you
> have to get involved in that if you want to deal with bugs, upgrades
> and the like.

Nope. Launchpad is just a tool like bugzilla, opensuse buildservice or
subversion/cvs or whatever tool you use.

> To then require people to learn an entirely different system for new
> packages is frankly a waste of community effort. With REVU out of
> action, this is the time to seize the moment and merge the new package
> system with the sync and update regimes already in place

Ubuntu is not a distro which is standalone.
Ubuntu builds upon Debian, and Debian doesn't use Launchpad or any
Canonical tool which is used as tool most of the time for Ubuntu.

> If the MOTU community is genuinely interested in encouraging new
> software into the universe (and from my own experience it doesn't feel
> like that at all), then you need to reduce the learning curve and
> harmonise the processes. Not increase it on ideological grounds.

If you let MOTU wannabes learn just the Launchpad way, you will have
stupid, dumb drones. They can't do anything just using Launchpad, and
with BTS or Bugzilla they will just die like a vampire in the sunlight.

Development means not only packaging but as well coding and bugfixing.
Using tools like diff and patch, knowning what the other development
utilities are doing. You have to know your tools, and you have to know
the other tools, other distros are using.

> Now I'm sure that MOTUs don't believe that they are alienating
> developers. But your current processes will leave people with that
> feeling. What you have to remember is that developers are busy people
> too. I certainly don't have time to sit on IRC shouting forlornly into
> the ether until somebody deems it appropriate to answer just to get a
> package reviewed. Much more sensible that I subscribe the
> 'motu-reviewers' group to a [needs packaging] bug and come back later
> once I get an email telling me that something has happened. That way I
> can get something else done in the mean time.

No, people with knowledge will agree with me, that just using one tool
from one commercial sponsor or distributor will not help the developers
and package maintainers at all.
As I said, with your approach you create stupid drones.

> I would ask that you all consider the load that you place upon people
> want to contribute to Ubuntu. QA is a good thing, but when it becomes
> alienating then it is failing its purpose.

Why? Do you think the human brain is so small to not use other tools
then Launchpad?

Linux is about choice and Ubuntu, too. You should start trying to
understand what Launchpad is for whom, and what is Launchpad not for the



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